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Ethics Statement

Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

KRITIKE is committed to meet the highest ethical standards in research and academic publication.  The journal is guided by the following principles:

A. Responsibilities of the Editorial Board

The Editorial Board ensures that manuscripts are prepared for blind peer-review.  It is the responsibility of the Editorial Board to accept, reject, or recommend a manuscript for revision and resubmission.  Such decision is based, to a large extent, on the recommendations of nominated experts who act as referees.  It is the responsibility of the Editorial Board to inform an author about the status of his/her submission, regardless of the decision.  The Editorial Board may choose to reject a paper that violates legal provisions on libel, copyrights, and originality (plagiarism).  Information regarding a manuscript under review must remain confidential until it is finally accepted for publication.  The Editorial Board does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles published in the journal.  As an Open Access journal in the Gold category, KRITIKE does not charge any fees to complete the publication process.  No charges are levied against the authors or users for submission or article processing.

B. Responsibilities of the Referee

The referees nominated by KRITIKE’s Editorial Board are experts in their areas of specialization.  The referees assist the Editorial Board’s decision to accept, reject, or revise and resubmit manuscripts based on their objective assessments and recommendations.  A referee must treat an assigned manuscript with utmost confidentially during the peer review process; however, it is the responsibility of the referee to inform the Editorial Board when a legal violation by the author is suspected.  The evaluation of a manuscript should be based solely on its academic merit and not on race, gender, sexuality, or religious and/or political orientation of the author.

C. Responsibilities of the Author

It is the responsibility of the author to prepare his/her manuscript for blind review.  The author must ensure that his/her work is original and not plagiarized.  The sources used in the manuscript should be properly cited.  An author must not submit the same manuscript to another journal when it is currently under review by KRITIKE.  It is the responsibility of an author to inform the Editorial Board right away if his/her manuscript is being considered in another journal or publication medium; in such case, KRITIKE will discontinue the review of the manuscript. If an author's manuscript is published by KRITIKE, he/she must adhere to the provisions set in the Copyrights page of the journal.

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